Complete Solar and Battery Systems and Professional Installations

Off Grid Solar Installers

If you are looking for a reputable Solar Installer (Solar Electrician) then you are in the right place. EBS Services is a respected Solar PV Installation company and can assist with New Solar System Installations and Upgrades to Existing Solar Systems.

Off Grid Solar Installers

Our Services


With 5 years experience in both the solar and electrical industry we can also assist with Professional Solar Installations, but more importantly is our after sales service!

There are many parts to a Solar System that we can assist with, from the initial sizing and design to the complete installation,testing and commissioning.


Still looking for reliable Solar System Installed by a reliable Installer? Get a professional site inspection and quotation from us today!

Basic services:

Complete Solar PV Systems and Full Installation.

Solar Panel Installations (Roof Mount Structures)

Inverter Installations

Monitoring Systems

DC Surge Protection and PV Array Combiner Systems

Electrical Installation (Isolated Circuits, DB Management...)

Solar System Faults and Testing

Battery Backup System Faults and Testing

Battery Testing and Replacement

System Upgrades and Re location

New Products

Certificate of Compliance


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AREP Member - Qualified Solar Installer
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