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Are you tired of skyrocketing Eskom bills and the constant frustration of loadshedding? Look no further You are in the Right Place, we are your trusted solar company and we provide green energy solutions for residential solar solutions, home solar systems or business solar systems.

We provide top-quality Tier 1 solar panel installation, Inverters and battery storage solutions that enable you to produce your own electricity and reduce your dependence on the grid.

Residential Solar System Packages with Batteries

Our residential solar system packages with batteries are based on the Sunsynk Inverter System and includes all the necessary components, such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, and wiring, to ensure that your home solar system is up and running in no time.

Our solar system packages with batteries are primarily based on the Sunsynk Inverter System. We do offer other Solar Energy Solutions.

Each of our solar system packages with batteries is designed for you specifically, this includes the Solar Panel selection (Size and Power) and the Lithium Battery requirements (1 x 5KW battery as a starting point for residential solar solutions or more for the best off grid solution). 

Our expert consultants will design a specialized solar system that meets your energy needs and leave loadshedding in the dark.

Affordable Home Solar System Prices

Solar Power Systems in South Africa prices have always been volatile and stock shortages has lead to an increase in pricing and a market for the cheaper low quality equipment.

With EBS Services our Solar and Battery Division offers a range of full Home solar system packages that can power your home day and night.

Our best efforts and research allow us to offer affordable residential solar solutions that is scalable and upgradable at any stage. All of our products are Tier 1 Quality (Solar panels for home and business) and Offer an Upgrade Path. 

We understand that affordability is a key factor in your decision-making process and believe that everyone deserves access to affordable and sustainable energy solutions. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our approved solar pv system packages.

Our team will work with you to determine the best home solar system price for your budget. We also provide financing options and the government solar panel rebates to help you save even more on your investment.

Off-Grid Solar System Packages

If you want to go completely off-grid, we offer full off-grid solar system packages that provide you with reliable solar power for your home (in town), commercial or on a farm in the most remote locations.

Our off-grid solar system packages are equipped with the latest battery storage technology, allowing you to store excess energy for use when the sun is not shining and our highly efficient solar panels will take care of you during the day.

Our off-grid solar prices are Tailored to each individuals requirements with full technical support, online monitoring and preventative maintenance.

We do not SUB Contract our work!

It is quite common that a Solar Company will Sub Contract the Solar Installation to a 3rd Party. In most cases the client does not know or only figures it out during the installation. The reason behind this is to save on installation costs, basicaly its a choice between quantity or quality.

Our Installation Teams are all full time employees! What is the difference?

Its quite simple:

When the work is sub contracted to a third party there is little to no control over the installation. Although they can make it look real pretty on the outside.

There is an additional safety risk as the contractor may have/use “casuals” that was obtained near your home.

In some cases a Qualified Electrician is not on site to oversee the installation.

Overall workmanship is comprimised  as they may “only do what they get paid for”.

There are a lot more in this regardbut i am sure that you get the point. Take a look at our Solar PV Installation Page to know more…

Quality Solar Installations and Service

Residential Solar Solutions - Home Solar

Not sure what you need?

What is the best solar solution for a house?

The most difficult and frustrating part (long manual process, cumbersome and more) of purchasing any residential solar solutions is ensuring that you get what you want!

Our Team can assist you from the very beginning of your journey.

  • Comprehensive site inspection.
  • Basic understanding of a Solar PV System and what will suit you.
  • Equipment selection for your requirements.
  • System Design that suits your Budget.
  • Specialised Solar Systems
  • A Complete and Approved Installation.

We will offer the best residential solar solutions that will suit your needs, our solar system packages with batteries are a good way to start, these offer a great home solar system price range.

We also specialise in off-grid solar system packages and are rated as one of the best solar installers near me by our clients on google review.

best residential solar solutions

Why are we so different?

Its quite simple “We really Enjoy what we Do”. Our Installation Teams are trained and seasoned installers always offering our clients in depth information during a site build at your home or business.

We are determined to be the best solar installers in our field and are committed to providing top-notch customer service and high-quality solar system packages.

How long does it take?

Depending on the site requirements an installation can take between 1-2 days (including Commissioning, Testing and Client Training). We do not rush our installations but rather take the extra time to get it done correctly the first time.All systems are installed by a Qualified Electricians.

We may be an Electrical Company but our Passion since 2018 is Solar PV Systems!

Google Reviews

“Quality before Quantity”

Quality Components

Our Equipment Distribution Boxes are built per site requirements and follow regulation.Quality electrical components (AC and DC switchgear), Fuses and Insurance approved surge arresting devices.

Future Preperation

Our Basic Solar PV Installation is designed with the flexibility to accommodate future upgrades and changes, resulting in cost savings and improved performance. This means that the initial cabling and routing setup is already in place to support a larger system.

Tested Products

The Complete Solar PV Systems we offer are specifically selected based on what we have currently working in the field and has a proven track record. All our Systems are monitored, and we have access to a large amount of performance information on different configurations.

Robust Site testing

Before a System is Handed Over we conduct numerous tests with the client. This allows us to determine the full capabilities of the System. The system testing with the client is part of our client training and system introduction course.

Bank Finance Available

Residential Solar Solutions – Pricing and Financing Options: Apply Now

Get an approved Residential Solar Solutions for your home (or business), installed by an accredited company! EBS Services PTY LTD is an authorised Solar Solution Provider for Wesbank (FNB) Finance. The process is simple and online and takes a few min to apply.

Chat with one of our consultants on watsapp or click the link below.

One of our consultants will gladly assist with more information and assistance.

A Rental Option may be an area that you are looking into, unfortunately we do not offer this service. We have however looked into this option with owners that are renting and the only advice we can offer it that you “read the fine print very, very carefully”.

Do you Qualify for a FREE Site Inspection?

In general, our Detailed Site Inspection is done once you and your consultant have decided on a Solar PV System and there may be one or two small items that needs to be verified.

In certain circumstances a Detailed Site Inspection is required for a Home Solar System where there may be limitations for the system or special requirements. For example, very limited roof space, equipment position will require additional cabling or trenching etc…

For any Business Solar Systems (Commercial Solar) or Farms a site inspection is highly recommended by us.

IF you require a site inspection please use the form to Book an Appointment.

Note: We are based in Benoni , if you are outside our Service Area (Cape Town) we unfortunately cannot assist.

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