8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price - Complete Breakdown

This is what your 8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price with Full Installation Consists of:


  • High Power 8KW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter (incl wifi dongle)
  • 2 x 5KW Lithium Battery Storage Units (Total of 10,000W)
  • 1 x Battery Consumable Kit 

Full Hardware specifications will be concluded with your Consultant.

Installation Components:

  • Electrical Distribution and Protection
  • 6mm AC cable Main Connection (est. 20m)
  • Comms cable (est. 20m)
  • Cable Infrastructure Wireways
  • Installation with COC
8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price

Priced from R 142 110.00 incl

For a Estimate or to arrange a site inspection please use our Contact Us Page or Call us directly.

8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price High Power Backup System

What does the 8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price Installation get me?
  • Installation of Hardware (Inverter, Batteries)
  • Installation of Cables (Electrical and Solar)
  • Connection of the 8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price to the Main DB Only
  • Full system configuration and testing
  • Monitoring system configuration
More info on our Installation Procedure can be found HERE

Need a bit more Muscle, then this is the One

“The 8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price is a perfect fit for a Medium size home or Small Business”

Best Performer from the Sunsynk Range for  higher power requirements. 

Extremely versatile load capability, very responsive to keeping the power ON in tough conditions. 

Sunsynk Inverter good idea

I got the Power!

No Stress,No Fuss


5 Star Rating. Get this for Busy Home or Small Business!

Frequently asked Questions

Well what do you get for your money?

The 8KW Sunsynk Inverter System (picture shows a 16KW -2 x 8KW Inverters Off Grid Solution)  is developed for High Demand usage. Installed correctly the system will not only keep the lights on but will save you money.

Recommended for who?

Perfect fit for Larger Households, work from home, Small Business and off grid applications.

What can I use?

Standard appliances (Fridge,Freezer,TV,Computer,Lights,Swimming Pool…).More power = More appliances and Equipment. Its all about the System Design , which we do with you.

Can I run my Stove and Geyser?

Stove applications are NOT recommended as the appliance requires a very large amount of power (Feedback: It is currently in testing on an off grid system with Max Panels and Batteries -so far so good.). Small Geyser systems with low power requirements and managed have been tested and working . However there are alternatives available i.e. Gas/Solar Water Heaters/Heat Pumps…

Solar PV Installation Service

Sneak Peak to the basics

Managing your 8KW Battery Backup Investment made easy.

With online monitoring and management you have access to important information anytime and anywhere. This is done through and App or Website. 

Intelligent Battery Management with time control.

The ability to control when and how much of the battery can be used is fantastic! Depending on the size of your battery bank and power usage this feature allows you to Save even more during the night when there is no power available from the solar panels.

What if the Powerhouse 8KW Battery Backup Big Power at Best Price with Full Installation is a bit out of your reach but you need the power?


The  5KW Sunsynk Inverter System can be built into a great package deal by us, many of our clients want to start small and add more to the system as and when required.

The best method would be to start with a Sunsynk Battery Backup System ( 1 x 5KW Sunsynk Inverter and 1 x Lithium Battery) then during our Installation of the System we prepare the system installation to be capable of accommodating the future upgrades with little to no additional changes to the main infrastructure.

All the Powerhouse 8KW Solar Package Deal Systems are designed to your requirements and are the perfect systems for Off Grid Solution.

Now you have an Idea, so what next?



Our Specialist will work with you in determining your Needs and Requirements for your Solar PV System.



Once we understand your requirements a System is then Designed and a Proposal can be Generated. 



An Installation date is scheduled immediately after the Proposal is accepted and Stock is Confirmed.



After the Solar PV System is Active and passed all Testing and Certified, then the System is Signed Off and Handed Over. 

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