Our Solar Shop in Benoni was primarily started to assist our clients with not only the cheapest solar system or the cheapest battery backup system but a cheaper system that caters for the smaller things in life. We have had many requests over the years for a low budget system that can “run a tv”or “keep the WiFi on”only for a few hours. Everyday we are learning and testing different systems, systems that clients have requested which were thier own design or something they came across on the internet.

Are you tired of skyrocketing Eskom bills and the constant frustration of loadshedding? Look no further You are in the Right Place, we are your trusted solar company and we provide green energy solutions for residential solar solutions, home solar systems or business solar systems.

EBS Services provide top-quality Tier 1 solar panel installation, Inverters and battery storage solutions that enable you to produce your own electricity and reduce your dependence on the grid.

We also offer Low Budget Solar Systems and Battery Backup systems (Portable plug-in type). Camping and 4X4. Cost effective Off Grid Solar Kits for Gate Motors or Alarm Systems. DIY Enthusiasts are also welcome, we are here to help make your ideas a reality.

What do we have available at the shop?

From Large to Small we Got it All!

At our Solar Shop in Benoni we have a selection of budget systems. These systems are designed for low power applications especially aimed at loadshedding.

Our systems start with entry level units that will look after your main electronics such as the TV, Wi-Fi, Computer, the absolute necessary items.

Then we have sets that are more powerful with bigger batteries that accommodate a Fridge.

Each unit is easy to use, a plug outlet is fitted onto the system and the system gets plugged into the wall plug to keep the batteries charged. By far these units are the most convineient and cheapest form of providing clean power to your appliances.

3.5KVA Battery Backup Plug & Play

DIY, Camping and 4X4 Enthusiasts. We got you!

It can be difficult to take a great idea and turn it into a working solution, we have several ECO Kits that can assist you or can be modified to suit your requirements.

Our staff have a lot of experience in the solar and battery industry and will be able to help you and offer the best practical advice.

Some of our Kits have all the basic equipment to give you power wherever you are, the kits have solar panel/s, off grid inverter, cables and connectors. Various battery types are also available. There are also the cheap solutions of a simple battery clip on inverter to help give power from almost any battery. 

DIY Solar Comping Kits

High Power Kits built to Spec!

The Solar Shop in Benoni also caters for the more advanced solar systems that are required for more high-power demands. Home solar systems are in high demand but do come with a higher price tag. As authorised solar and battery installers we can assist you with the design and the hardware requirements that is tailormade just for your needs.

With this in mind we can build a package system that will have all the hardware requirements that your designated installer will need. This advantage not only reduces the overall cost of the system, but it gives you piece of mind that you have quality components and technical backing.

Below are some examples backup systems that we have tested and are currently working in the field. These systems are easily upgradable, extra batteries or adding solar panels. Do take note our pricing changes very often as we look for the best deals from our suppliers regularly, visit us at the shop for your best price! 

Complete Solar Systems and Installations.

Are you looking for a solar panel installer or perhaps a certified solar installer?

Jip, we do that too. EBS Services are professional installers of Hybrid Solar Systems (Approved Sunsynk Installer!) with Lithium batteries and Tier 1 Solar Panels.

We have installed many systems over the years and can offer sound advice on what system you require. Visit us at our Solar Shop in Benoni and we will be able to not only listen to what you need but can offer you a look at a working system on the premises.

For more info on what else we do check this page out HERE. “Approved Solar”. We can offer complete kits for the larger systems that are tailormade for your requirements. Give us a call or come visit us at the shop.

Solar and Battery Installers

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