Solar PV 101: Understanding the Fundamentals of Solar Energy

Solar PV 101 - How does a solar pv system work?

This is by far the most important and overlooked step when purchasing a solar pv system.

Due to our current electricity situation in South Africa, there has been a surge in our solar pv market, and there are now thousands of companies offering services and products.

To make matters worse is that over eighty percent of them are unqualified or not registered.

The Do's

The Don'ts


Solar PV 101: Understanding the Fundamentals of Solar Energy

Our Aim for this Article is purely to offer some additional knowledge that will assist you when you are looking for a new solar pv system or currently have a system, but you are unsure it is doing what it should.

As you see we also have some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” specified on the page, please do take notice of them and understand them. The investment you are looking at making can be a financial nightmare, remember “It is not a Race”. 

We go through quite a number of important aspects in our Frequently asked Questions section.


Our Solar PV 101 is a very basic beginners guide on how a solar pv system works. We have found that during our site inspections most of the clients Do Not know how a system works, even if they have spoken to or delt with few solar companies.

Having a basic idea of how a solar pv system works will give you a much better advantage when it comes to deciding on what system you need.

P.S. The video is not “Ster Kinekor” quality, we prefer investing our extra funds into training 😉.

Solar PV 101 - The Ins and Outs of Solar PV Technology: A Beginner's Guide

Now you have an Idea, so what next?



Our Specialist will work with you in determining your Needs and Requirements for your Solar PV System.



Once we understand your requirements a System is then Designed and a Proposal can be Generated. 



An Installation date is scheduled immediately after the Proposal is accepted and Stock is Confirmed.



After the Solar PV System is Active and passed all Testing and Certified, then the System is Signed Off and Handed Over. 

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