Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar Systems, understanding them and more by EBS Services

Introduction and Information:

Hybrid Solar Systems can be very confusing at first glace, as it is there are gazillions of different types of systems (acronyms and all), but simply :

"A Hybrid Inverter has all of the main modules built into a single piece of equipment. Thus the Inverter, MPPT charger and Battery system are built into one unit, in some systems WiFi too"

However a genuine Hybrid Inverter is a combination of a standard solar system which supplies power to isolated loads and a Grid Tied System which converts Solar Power to extra Grid power! Be aware that some inverters a called, even advertised, as a  Hybrid but are NOT! (eg: Axpert,Kodak...)

EBS Services have installed several Hybrid Inverter Systems with various operating configurations. Such as

  • Self Consumption systems. Mainly to supply extra Power during the day.
  • Battery Backup systems. These units are completely off grid and used when there is no eskom power
  • Combined System. Uses all the features of Self Consumption and Battery Backup simultaneously.

A great advantage of a Hybrid System is that the system configuration can be done in stages, basically you dont have to purchase all the components (Solar Panels,Batteries) at once. As an example the unit can be a Self Consumption system ("Grid Feed") using PV Panels alone with no Batteries and vice-versa for the Battery Backup System. Upgrades to a full system can be done at any time thus a cost saving benefit.

Hybrid System Technology


-Software Updates

-Intelligent battery management function is built in!

-DC switch is built in, another cost saving feature.

• Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent

• Compatible with various Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery types.

• IP65 dust-proof and water-proof rating (can be mounted outside)

• 45°C full-load output

• Monitoring of inverter is free via computers or mobile phones and extremely easy to use

There are many types of Hybrid Inverters available depending on your budget, we can assist with System Design to suit your requirements.

But what about the Installation?

EBS Services have been installing solar and battery systems for several years and have the eqperience and qualifications not only to do the installation but to assist in the system design and the "right product".We have repaired and upgraded so many sites where clients are fooled into a system that will do everything that they do not need and at 3 x the price!

Not to worry we can assist with:

  • Complete System Installations
  • Product (Hardware) Installation. Inverter, Batteries, Solar Panels with Roof Mount.
  • Complete Electrical Installation (Integration into the Distribution Board with Isolated Circuits)
  • System Configuration and Optimization
  • And all the small things too


What to do next?

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