Solar Panel Roof Mount System Installers


Ensure your Solar Panels are fitted the correct way!

Solar Panels endure extremely high wind loads that travel over the top and underneath, this results in quite a lot of force and vibration on the building roof.

Incorrect Roof Mount Structures can create several problems

  • Incorrect operation and Overheating
  • Damage to Panels (Glass Cover cracks)
  • Damage to Building Roof
  • Panel breaking loose in high winds (Very Dangerous)
  • No Protection from Electrical Storms
  • And More

Product Requirement:

A Quality Roof Mount Structure will have the following type components:

Aluminium Base Rails (Slotted) - Supports the Panels

Adjustable Roof Hooks - Anchors the Rails and allows for heat extraction.

Clamps - Secures the Panels onto the Rails

PV Combiner Box

The PV Combiner Box is the most important part of the Solar Array.The Voltage from the Solar Array can be extreemely high depending on the panel configuration.

The Combiner is a DC Distribution Board where all the Solar Panels are connected to Before they connect into the Inverter or Charge Controller.

Combiner Components:

  • Distribution Box
  • Protection Fuses for each "string"
  • Surge Protection (Saltek)
  • Earthing Main and also the PV Array


A special type of UV cabling is required for the Solar Panels. The cable is designed for high DC Power (Current) and is also very durable to the elements. 6mm is recommended.Distances from the Solar Array to the Equipment should be kept as short as possible.

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