8KW Revo Home Solar System - Versatile and Powerful - Great Value

8KW Revo Home Solar System with Batteries and complete installation

The 8KW Revo Home Solar System with Batteries is very User Friendly and has a few extra features that the other Hybrid Inverters do not have. These units are relatively new in the market but have built a good reputation for reliability and support. There is quite a bit of new developments from the manufacturer, Revo 5KW Inverter and a Revo Lithium Battery are currently under testing and should be available soon.

The Revo Inverter has a touch screen display, 4 x Inputs for Solar Panels (we will go into more detail on this), high power output of 8KW and also Online Monitoring.

*Note: there are other Branded Systems that look similar but are not the Revo spec.

This is what your 8KW Revo Home Solar System with Full Installation Consists of:


  • High Power 8KW Revo Hybrid Inverter (incl wifi dongle)
  • 2 x 5KW Lithium Battery Storage Units (Total of 10,000W)
  • 10 x 550W Solar Panels (Gives an Array of 5500W/ph @ STC)
  • 1 x Battery Consumable Kit 

Full Hardware specifications of the 8KW Revo Home Solar System with Batteries will be concluded with your Consultant.

Installation Components:

  • Approved Aluminium solar panel mounting structure for Tiled Roof (10 Panels Layout)
  • Solar Panel Distribution and Protection  
  • 6mm UV cable with MC4 conn. (est. 20m for 2 strings)
  • Electrical Distribution and Protection
  • 6mm AC cable Main Connection (est. 20m)
  • Comms cable (est. 20m)
  • Cable Infrastructure Wireways
  • Installation with COC

Some Interesting Facts about the 8KW Revo Home Solar System with Batteries

As Qualified Solar PV Installers we often run into problems with the solar panel installations. The main issues that we come across is “Panel Orientation” and “Shading”. The best position for the Solar Panel Array is facing North. In some instances, this is not possible due to the actual roof orientation.

Most Hybrid Inverters have 2 x Solar Inputs and this allows us to have a “Split Array”. One set of panels facing East and another facing west. With the Revo Hybrid Inverter it has 4 x Solar Inputs. This then allows us to maximise the available roof space and orientation of the panels to get the best performance and power possible on a difficult roof structure.

In this picture there is limited options for panel placement, generally a East and West array would be implemented, however with the Revo Inverter there are more options available to consider.

With each connection acting individually it allows the 8KW Revo Home Solar System to get the best from the Panel Array.

8KW Revo Home Solar System PV

Online Monitoring and System Functionality of a 8KW Revo Home Solar System

Revo link Monitoring

The 8KW Revo Hybrid Inverter has several advanced operating parameters which allows the user to decide on how the system functions.

  • Self Use (Maximum Energy Harvest)
  • Battery Priority (Maximise Battery Charge)
  • Peak Shaving (Feedback based)
  • Time of Use (Time based Grid support schedule)

Online Monitoring 

With online monitoring and management, you have access to important information anytime and anywhere. This is done through an App or Website. This gives you easy access to information such as:

What does the 8KW Revo Home Solar System with Batteries Installation get me?
  • Installation of Hardware (Inverter, Batteries, Solar Panels)
  • Installation of Cables (Electrical and Solar)
  • Connection of the Powerhouse 8KW Solar Package Deal to the Main DB Only
  • Full system configuration and testing
  • Monitoring system configuration
More info on our Installation Procedure can be found HERE
8KW Revo Home Solar System

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Now you have an Idea, so what next?



Our Specialist will work with you in determining your Needs and Requirements for your Solar PV System.



Once we understand your requirements a System is then Designed and a Proposal can be Generated. 



An Installation date is scheduled immediately after the Proposal is accepted and Stock is Confirmed.



After the Solar PV System is Active and passed all Testing and Certified, then the System is Signed Off and Handed Over. 

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