Complete 5Kw Solar System with Installation

Complete 5 KW Sunsynk Hybrid Solar PV with Install.Package Deal

Complete 5 KW Sunsynk Hybrid Solar PV

including Installation.

Package Deal

Genuine Hybrid Technology - Sunsynk Systems

What is so great about a hybrid system? Simply put, it is the best of both systems, a combination of a traditional solar system (supplies power to specific "circuits" and a Grid Tie system (supplies solar power into your existing infrastructure). "2 for 1".

Complete 5 KW Sunsynk Hybrid Solar PV with Install.Package Deal

This is a basic package on a 5 KW system,this is not a quotation! For a valid quotation please contact us

The below system can be modified (increased/decreased) to suit specific needs.


1 x 5 Kw Sunsynk Hybrid Parity Inverter.

1 x Wifi Monitoring adapter.

12 x 380W Mono PERC Solar Panels (4560Wp).

1 x 5.12 Kw Lithium Battery Bank (48v).


1 x Aluminium roof mount system for standard tiled roof (12 x panels).

1 x 6mm UV Solar cabling.

1 x Combiner Box with surge protection.

1 x Battery cable set and Fuse Protection.

1 x Battery Stand.

1 x AC connection from Inverter to Main DB.

1 x "Backup Circuits" isolation and Grid Tie connection.

1 x System testing and integration.

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Great for starting off in Solar.

This system is a great starting point for full off grid capability, depending on the load requirements it may be all you need! EBS Services can assist with a more in depth quotation designed around your needs.Give us a call or use the Contact Us page to book a site assessment.