home solar power solution review

Home Solar Power Solution Review 5KW Hybrid with Lithium Battery Full Installation

A request was given to us by a client who was looking for a small solar system.Our offer was a viable solution with the intention of upgrading at later intervals when it became financially viable.

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The home solar power solution review was done because we often assist clients that have a pre-determined budget for a startup solar system, in most cases the client can end up with a system that meets the required budget but does not deliver what the client needs.

The Issue at hand.

In these instances the client is sold a system that is not designed for his requirements. The result is that the system will under perform or not work at all and this will only be determined days if not several weeks later!

If the supplier/installer is still around when you seek assistance on the matter you may be instructed that you require additional hardware (batteries,solar panels…) to solve the problem and that there is nothing they can do further.

The dilemma here is that the budget has been spent and therefore the client has a costly inoperative solar system.

The above is a common issue which many home owners and business have unfortunately been put through. The catch here is that in some instances the client simply bought a “kit” that they assumed would be adequate, be that lack of understanding the system or incorrect assessment of the power requirements.

On the other hand the supplier/installer should have tried to gather more information as to the clients goal.

Home Solar Power Solution Review

Our client came to us with a predetermined budget that allowed us to determine the size of the system he will be able to afford, however once we had more detailed information we knew the system will not be able to effectively get him “off the grid”.

Our system was similar to other quotations that was received but there was one major difference! The client was also informed by several of the other suppliers who offered alternatives quotes that the “systems will take him off the grid”.

The first step was to ensure the client has an understanding of the operation of a solar system,this is extremely important. Once the operation of the system is understood it becomes more clear as to the requirements the system need to achieve.

The Basics

The most important factor is the power requirement or the “load requirements”. The load is the amount of power that is being used. This information can be determined with the assistance of a municipal/utility bill, monthly prepaid meter usage or buy installing a monitoring system.

home solar power solution review
5KW Deye Hybrid Inverter Solar Power System.

With the client up to speed on the system operation and with how much power is being used on a daily basis the “off the grid” options that was given to client were clearly incapable of offering the solution.

In a nut shell

Firstly we modified our initial system and tailored it to suit both the clients budget and secondly, included an upgrade path for the system. Thirdly and most importantly we could design a system that was able to ensure maximum savings,greatly reduce the clients monthly overheads and furthermore offers support during loadshedding because of the correct information that we gathered from the client.

In conclusion, the saving alone gives the client a great return on investment.

Home Solar Power Solution Review,here is a look at the system installed:

Inverter Type: 5000 Watt (5KW) Hybrid Deye (Alternative – Sunsynk)

These units are very intelligent grid tied inverters. In a nutshell the unit offers the same functionality as an off grid inverter but also provides the benefits of a grid tied inverter.In other words you have two inverters combined into one.

home solar power solution review
Pylontech Lithium Battery Storage system

Battery Storage: Pylontech 3500W (3.5KW) Lithium Battery

We originally started with two units but have since added a third unit, this addition was determined once the system was in operation for several days. The client resides in a very hot and humid area, with the additional battery an inverter aircon could be used through the night.

home solar power solution review
400W Smart Solar Panels on Aluminium roof mount structure.

Solar Panel Power: 400W Mono Smart Panels

Initial installation was for 12 x 400W PV Panels , but an additional two panels has been added. The performance of the array gives enough power during the day that there is no usage required for the grid supply, the client is basically running on solar only during the day.

Home Solar Power System Review:

On our last contact with the client he is 90% off grid, cost saving of 85% of the municipal account. A few appliances need to be changed for more eco green friendly products and they believe they will reach the goal of having the grid supply available only for backup on extremely poor weather conditions.

Our Services

Complete Solar Power Solutions.

We can assist from the beginning quotation stages through to hardware configuration,solar system installation,commissioning and testing. The hardware is backed by full supplier warranties and our installation has a workmanship warranty to ensure that you are covered.

After sales Support

Once the system is installed and handed over we don’t simply disappear or become unreachable. Our core focus is to offer long term solutions, you might have a solar system installed but will only know how effective the system is after a period of time. Most systems have a monitoring platform where we can assist to make changes or offer advise as to the systems performance. Training on the system is provided during the handover but in some cases additional training or support is offered.

If you are looking at going solar we hope this article gave you some more insight as to what we can offer. If you require further information or a quotation please use the links below to our contacts page or simply give us a call.

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