Complete Office Solar Systems

Complete Office Solar Systems

Complete Office Solar Systems

Complete Office Solar Systems, tailor made systems designed for those who work remotely from home or run a small business.Our work environment has changed, most  "work from home" as a remote office , some have a small business.In both cases access to basic work tools are essential.

What are the main requirements for a work from home user or business?

Communication and Workflow is the most crucial requirement, here are a few examples of office hardware that simply need to operate at all costs:

  • Internet
  • Computer/Notebook
  • Telephone
  • Printer
  • POS equipment

Staying Alive and Online

EBS Services have a solution for your home office or small business, systems are tailor made to suit both your requirements and budget.Our systems are designed to keep you operating 24/7 and to decrease the overall running cost of the rest of the property.

The system has a pure Hybrid Inverter (Parity), which offers two power outputs! One for the essential/office load and the second to feed the excess energy to the other appliances thus greatly reducing the municipal bill.

The overall Design and Size of the system depends on what equipment you will require the system to run.How many computers?Type of computer network.Other office applications that require an "always on" connection.

Get your Quote

To get your quote for a complete office solar system and installation we require some idea of your equipment that you use.

We require the information in order for us to establish the approximate size of solar system you will require.The more accurate the information the better the design! If the appliance has a rating plate with the power requirements, make a note...

What to do?

Make a list of the hardware that you require to be powered (Computers/Printers etc...)

Inform us of special applications/equipment.

General description of what you do and what you need.

When you are ready please use our Contact Us form to give us the details!