Solar and Battery System Repairs

Solar System Repairs and Maintenance

Solar System Repairs and Maintenance

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Solar system repairs and maintenance by EBS Services is done by qualified technicians.

When a Solar System is newly installed and operational it works as it should. These systems can be your own design or part of the property you have taken over. In most cases all is working fine, however there is a steady rise on faulty systems within 2-3 years of its age! Solar System Faults : (to name a few)

  • Completely dead ( No lights on any components)

    Solar System Repairs
    Solar System Repairs
  • Inverter will not switch on
  • Batteries keep going flat
  • Runtime is very low (used to last hours now maybe one hour)
  • No Power going to the house/office etc…
  • Constant Alarms of equipment
  • And More…

Solar System Repairs

(Solar and Electrical)

ESB Services have been assisting with Solar System Repairs for many years, thus we have the experience on our side.Solar System repairs require both Solar and Electrical experience.

Step 1: System Diagnostics and Fault Finding Our Technicians do a complete assessment on the existing system, the tests cover

  • Cabling Infrastructure (Solar and Electrical systems)
  • Hardware testing (Battery, Inverter, PV Panels …
  • Fault Finding

Step 2: Fault Repair and Maintenance

  • Fault Repair
  • System Reconfigure (Hardware and Electrical)
  • System Testing

The above is a small idea on what services we offer on solar system repairs.


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