Change Over Switch

Change Over Switch

Change Over Switch

Systems for Generators and Solar Systems

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A Change Over Switch is required when an external source of power (eg. Generator or Solar System) intends to supply a home or office when the main supply is interrupted (Eskom).

How it Works:

The Change Over Switch is “wired” into the Distribution Board of the building, specific circuits are Isolated (for example the computer room/server is supplied external power).These Switches also allows for a safe means to change from Eskom supply ,to a supply from a Generator or Solar System and can be manual or automatic (ATS-Automatic Transfer Switch).

Change Over Switch
Change Over Switch


They also act as a maintenance switch on Solar Systems, if the Inverter requires repair or the batteries are faulty the switch is used to bypass the System while repairs are carried out.


The main types of Change Over Switches are the Rail Mounted (installed inside a DB) or a Rotary (Tumbler) switch (External).


  • Generators
  • Solar Systems
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Other external supply


EBS Services can assist with a full installation of the Change Over Switch System.

  • Site Inspections
  • Supply cable (from Distribution Board to Generator etc) – Indoor/Outdoor.
  • Isolation Switch (if required)
  • Change Over Switch (Rail/Rotary)
  • Circuit Isolation/Mapping ( allocate certain plugs/lights to run through the switch)
  • Testing and COC

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