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EBS Services PTY LTD and our Electricians are Registered with the DOL. This is a requirement (by Law) for any Solar Installation!

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Our continuous support is what makes us special. We believe in a long term relationship with our clients.

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25 Year workmanship warranty! Our Systems are designed with the future in mind.

Solar and Battery Installers, let’s get Straight to the point.

Our Services in a nutshell:


We offer a range of quality products to suit your needs and your budget. Inverters, Batteries and Solar Panels are your main components.

We have several options from Battery Backup Systems to Complete Home and Business Solar Solutions available at our shop (152 President Pretorius RD, Northmead, Benoni) but for your convenience we also have an Online Store (

Solar System Installation

Solar and Battery Installers can assist you with a complete solar system package with a full installation. Our other services:

  • Hardware Installation of Inverter, Batteries
  • Electrical Connection of Inverter, Batteries
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Electrical Connection of Solar Panel protection equipment
  • Hardware Upgrades. Adding additional Inverter, Batteries to an existing system
  • Solar Panel Upgrades. Adding additional panels to an existing system
  • Maintenance of systems
  • Fault finding and Repairs
Solar Installation Services

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

The first and most important task is to decide on what solar system you require, here are a few no-nonsense things to look for:

  • Size your system correctly or it will cost you dearly in the long run. 
  • Have a budget and work within it, sometimes starting small with an upgrade path can be more cost effective.
  • Buy once! Get quality components that have a “field tested/recommended” reputation.Just because your neighbour has a cheap inverter that “works” does not mean it will work for your requirements.
  • Get Professional Advice it is FREE!

Inverter-what to look for.


The inverter is what supplies/controls the power from your Battery, Solar Panels and Grid. Your attention should be focused on the size of the unit, this is relevant to what you need to supply (i.e. the “Load”).

Now stay with me here, your load is what appliances are currently running in the house (fridge, deepfreeze, alarm, tv etc). Ok then, if you have a whole bunch of things on and all of their power usage combined is 2000 Watts. Now bear in mind it changes all the time, so when choosing an inverter it’s a good idea to have one that can accommodate double your load, in this case a 5oooW or 5KW inverter can do the job.

Sunsynk 5KW Inverter

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The Battery Debate (met eish!)

This is the guy that keeps the lights on, but wait that’s not all! 

By now all of us are used to loadshedding, it has been around for so long now that it has, unfortunately, become part of our daily routine. With this in mind the “solar boom” sole porpose, for most solar companies, was to keep the lights on.

With such haste the market was flooded, and still is, with all sorts of jellytots only suppling an immediate need not a long term solution, and this is the result:

  • Solar Panels not utilised by the load in the day (spend most of the day using eskom)
  • Battery only lasting for the first hour of loadshedding
  • Limited appliances can only run on battery (some lights and tv)
  • Battery gets charged by eskom

The list goes on and on, take note that these are actual calls attended to by our electricians.

These issues are mainly the result of a poor system design and in several cases incorrect hardware.

Ja and now what? 

It is simple, there are two main uses for the battery (Lithium) :

  1. To keep the lights on during loadshedding.
  2. For Off Grid use (high R.O.I), this is when little to no eskom is used.

How many batteries you ask?

Most batteries are rated at 5000W of capacity, however you dont want to use more than 80%.

So if you are running your 2000W load and want 3 hours of battery power (2000Wx3hrs=6000W) , the choice is simple 2 x 5KW batteries will handle it and keep your batteries within the 80% max discharge thus increasing your overall battery lifespan.

Lithium Battery

Solar Panels … easy.

The amount of solar panels should be able to run the load and charge the battery. Consider that once the battery is full then all the power from the panels is available for the appliances, if managed correctly you can get away with a smaller solar panel array i.e. use the larger appliance one at a time.

Basic checklist:

  • Space available on a North facing roof
  • Choose the correct panel size that will fit on the roof 
  • The more the better, helps with overcast days.
Solar Panels

The last step before you purchase a solar or a battery storage solution.

  1. Set up a free consultation at our Solar Shop in Benoni and take a look at a working system and talk to one of our Pro Solar and Battery Installers to get all of your questions answered. With all the information a tailor made quotation can be done and a site inspection can be arranged. 
  2. If you are unavailable to visit us then use or Contact Us page to arrange for a site inspection.
Solar Shop in Benoni

A place to Shop

Browse through our Online Store or come visit us at our solar shop in Benoni where we can offer you detailed information and demonstrations.

Solar and Battery Installers


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Solar Panel Shading on house

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This is the best solar company to work with. They are knowledgeable, prompt and very fairly priced. There is no hassle about their products and workmanship. I highly recommend them to work safely at your home and business. Adv Khan
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8KW Sunsynk-Volta Solar System
Excellent workmanship and service. From the first phone call requesting a quote, throughout the installation period, and even after- the entire team at EBS only delivered and exceeded our expectations. They hold themselves to uncompromised pratice ethics and product quality. Our system installation is extremely neat and efficient. Highly recommend EBS- 5 stars don't justify their level of service, they deserve 10.
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